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Welcome to the home of the gentle giants !

About us

Our love of Maine Coons started in 2010 when we decided we wanted a new cat and went looking for something a little different.

We settled on Maine Coons after visiting a cat show and after a lot of research found a fantastic breeder in Soozn Grindell of MainelyMagic Maine Coons in Rangiora. Indie was our first loveand she is healthy beautiful big girl, who loves hanging out in our garden.

After working on breeding plans for almost 2 years we got our first breeding girl, Ember, in July 2013, and thus a new chapter in our lives have begun, and we are very excited to be starting on this wonderful journey.

We live in rural Ohakune, on the Central Plateau, close to Tongariro National Park, New Zealand with our cats and a few chickens, Alpacas and sheep. We run a boutique Bed & Breakfast and love this unique part of New Zealand.

Apart from our love for Maine Coons, we have an old classic car, an 1968 Ford Galaxie Fastback, which we like taking for a drive to meets every so often, and we are both mad keen downhill skiers.

Our Vision

The focus of our breeding program is first and foremost to breed healthy strong Maine Coons, with happy, kind and loving personalities., but we also want to incorporate the rugged good Maine Coon look that does well on the show bench.

In particular our interest is in breeding Polydactyl Maine Coons.

Our breeding cats are tested for HD (hip dysplasia) via Xray, DNA tested for the HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) gene and more inportantly than DNA test, will have their hearts scanned for HCM regularly via ultrasound.

Please visit each cats page to view their health testing results. They will be listed there and on www.Pawpeds.com as they become available. Our cats pedigrees and parents results can also be viewed on Pawpeds.

We are registered breeders with the New Zealand Cat Fancy (www.nzcf.gen) and breeder members of the New Zealand Maine Coon Cat Club (www.mccatclub.co.nz)

As it inveritably is, 1 is never enough and a year later we added baby Enzo to our family. He was a polydactyl Maine Coon and came from the same breeder as Indie did. He ignited my absolute adoration for the Maine Coons in general and the Polydactyls in particular.

Unfortunately our baby Enzo was taken from us much to early by FIP, but although his passing was extremely painful for us, it was baby Enzo, who made us determined to start breeding Maine Coons, and he inspired the name of our cattery RebelPawz.

    Why buy from RebelPawz Maine Coons?

  • Our cattery is disease free, including all known viruses, eg Cat Flue; young kittens that have had an episode of one of the cat flu viruses can be left with permanent damage and long-term  health problems.
  • We test for known genetic defects. We advocate very strongly for this (as members of the New Zealand Maine Coon Cat Club), as it is of vital importance that this testing is done to produce the strongest most healthy cats for their forever families.
  • We are prepared to show potential owners the offical test results.
  • Our kittens are brought up in our home and are very well socialised with people, other cats, the occasional visiting children and dogs.
  • We select our breeding cats for temperament and health first, followed by looks to ensure forever families get the companion they dream of.
  • We feed our cats and kittens premium top quality food, both raw and dry, to get optimum health, development and growth.
  • We have written health guarantee in our purchase contracts.
  • We provide lifetime back up for forever families and their pets.