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RebelPawz Le Mascaret (Matti)

Born 22 March 2020.

Matti is our lockdown baby... born the day before NZ went into the first COVID lockdown. He was part of a premature litter of 8, and only two baby boys survived. Both Matti and his brother Hiawatha were very special baby boys. 

Matti is extremely affectionate and demands cuddles and head scratches at all times. He is a straightfoot and a red silver tabby and high white. It is a spectacular colour and he is always sparkly white. 

We are extremely pleased with how this boy is progressing and the babies he has already produced. Coming from two imported foundation lines of great significance in keeping the Maine Coon breed original, it makes him very special to us and we value his bloodlines greatly.

See Matti's pedigree and official test results here.



Matti has had a clear HCM heart scan and hip xray. A full DNA testing panel has been done, and come back all clear.

Coonity Van'Yar (imp Aut)             

Marsanne Van de Kerselaar (imp Bel)