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RebelPawz Retirees

Here at RebelPawz we take retirement very seriously. It is a very hard desicion to rehome one of our darling babies after they have finished their breeding career. We think very long and hard about whether they should stay here or make a forever home somewhere else. We love our babies so much, but it is not always the right thing for them to stay with us. They deserve the best retirement ever. 

If you are able to give a retired RebelPawz baby a forever home that they deserve, please do contact us on rebelpawz@gmail.com and mention retirees.


Available Retirees

We don't have any retirees available right now, but do send us an email if you would like to be considered for any upcoming retirees.

Previous Retirees living their best life

Ember was our very first breeding cat. She is just amazing. Our Mumma Bear, best mummy cat in the world. We love her very much. She retired mid 2017 after a last litter that was not as enjoyable for her as the previous ones. It was time for her to enjoy a well deserved retirement. I can report that retirement really suited her, she came into her own, purring non-stop, got really playful and just seemed to enjoy life to the full. We desided that finding Ember a nice home would be the best outcome for her. She deserved a home where she would get the total devotion that she deserved. We are so pleased with her new home. She is doing well. Here is a link to Embers page 

Asha is our first born baby. Embers first baby and our second generation breeding. Very special to us, being a first born. It was very hard to decide to find Asha a retirement home, but it was the best thing to do for her, as she was packing on the weight being around all the girls, who needs food non stop. Asha clearly doesn't. She now lives with a friend as an only and very spoilt cat in a retirement village. She is clearly the queen of the castle and we are so happy for Asha. Here is a link to Ashas page

Aspen is a daughter of Asha and our third generation breeding. Aspen had some beautiful babies for us, and she was a great mum including her daughter Mon, who is living with us. Aspen has a fabulous nature, very loving and she has found a fabulous retirement home with one of her sons from her last litter. Here is a link to Aspens page

Chatty came to us from Mainelanders Maine Coons in Christchurch. She is a super special girl, who gave us so much love and beautiful kittens. She was a little prone to stressing, and didn't like too many other girls around. We would have loved to have more of her beautiful offspring, but felt it best for her to retire her and we found the most perfect home close by with one of our kittens. She is super happy to be retired and rules the roost at her new house.  We are carrying on her lines with our beautiful entertaining Demi. Here is a link to Chatty's page

Marley is the first boy that we kept. Also an offspring from Ember and our second generation breeding. Marley did us proud and fathered 2 litters, he didn't particularly like being a studboy, so he retired early and is living with us as the best uncle any kitten could wish for. Here is a link to Marley's page