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Marsanne van de Kerselaar 

Born 12 November 2018.

Marsanne is a 4wd Polydactyl and she a black silver tortie

tabby and white. She is very sweet and a total princess. 

Marsanne came to us from Belgium. We will always be grateful to her 'first mummy' Nancy van Vlerken for allowing her precious baby Marcie to travel all the way to the other side of the world. She is a very special girl, quite the precious demanding girl and we just love it.

See Marsanne's pedigree and official test results here.



Marsanne has had a clear HCM heart scan and hip xray. A full DNA testing panel has been done, and come back all clear.

Makanacoon St Lucia Louie of the Dorsai               

Fluffy Feline Van de Kerselaar         

Marsannes Litters:

22 Mar 2020

24 Sep 2020

6 Apr 2021