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RebelPawz Maximus Minimus

Born 28 July 2022.

Max is another very special baby boy out of Tabularasa Owen (imp NL) and Marsanne van de Kerselaar (imp BEL).

Max was very very tiny when born, and we spent many days and nights sleeping beside him, making sure he would get enough milk and not get pushed away by his big brothers. 

He has certainly made up for the tiny start and he is now a very solid boy. We are looking forward to see his babies in the future.

Max is a brown classic tabby and white, non-poly boy.

See Max's pedigree and official test results here.



Max has had a clear HCM heart scan. hip xray is perfect. A full DNA testing panel has been done, and come back all clear.

Tabularasa Owen (imp NL)     

Marsanne van de Kerselaar (imp BEL)