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MightyPawz Tisphone P (Imp Aus) - Tizzy

Born 22 April 2022.

I feel very fortunate to have Tizzy join us from North Queensland, Australia, after meeting her dad MightyPawz Hades while he was in New Zealand. One of the most gorgeous boys I have met.

Tizzy is a super affectionate girl, who is a little escape artist and just loves hanging out on the top of the couch.

Tizzy is a solid tortie polydactyl girl, with the most amzing muzzle and personality.

See Tizzy's pedigree and official test results here.



Tizzy has had HCM heart scan and hip xray and they have come back clear. A full DNA testing panel has been ordered.

MightyPawz Hades  P        

MightyPawz Padme