(c) RebelPawz Maine Coons 2015

RebelPawz Mahler PP (aka Marley)

Born 5 January 2016.

Marley is a very special RebelPawz boy with the most striking and beautiful markings. He brown tabby and white, 4wd polydactyl boy. 

Currently he is running around having fun growing into a stunning looking boy with a super personality. He is a fabulous boy, very affectionate and loving.

We look forward seeing him as a daddy, hopefully in 2018. We think he is looking great and will bring great things to our breeding program.

See Marley's pedigree here.

Sire:                Coonity Van'Yar

Black smoke and high white, non poly.

See pedigree here

Dam:               Kittycourt Embers N Ashes

Black tortie tabby, polydactyl 4wd.

See pedigree here.