(c) RebelPawz Maine Coons 2022

RebelPawz Ziggy Stardust PP (Ziggy or Zig-Zag)

Born 10 January 2022.

We recon the litter that Ziggy was part of is one of the best we have ever had. The purring and cuddling measured out by those 7 kittens was out of this world. Naturally we decided to hold on to one of these fabulous kittens.

Ziggy, or Zig-Zag as we like to call her, is extremely cuddly and falls asleep on our arm or in the crook of your neck. She is also in our most favourite of colours, black silver tortie tabby and white and she is a 4wd polydactyl.

See Ziggys' pedigree and official test results (still too young for that. it will happen later in 2022) here.



Ziggy will have  HCM heart scan and hip xray in 2023. A full DNA testing panel has been ordered.

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