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Coonity Van'Yar (aka Vannie)

Born 16 July 2014.

Van'Yar is extremely precious to us. We spent a long time hunting the world for a boy to join us and we found Ulrike Illia, of Coonity Maine Coons, a Maine Coon breeder in Austria. Ulli is one of the most knowledgeable breeders around and we love her cats, lines and breeding philosophy. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to bring these lines to New Zealand with our Van'Yar.

Van'Yar is a 3rd generation Foundation cat, which means that 3 generations back he has a foundation cat in his lineage. This is a true Maine Coon from the wild in Maine, USA. This is fabulous for bringing in good Maine Coon type and for keeping the gene pool fresh. 

We are also excited with the fact that he is a black smoke and high white boy, which gives us many new possibilities in the colours we will get with our litters. Van'yar is a non-poly.

Van'Yar has the most incredibly sweet personality. He loves company and sleeping on your lap and generally hanging out with you. Just like a perfect Maine Coon should. He will come for cuddles before eating his food, every time, just so cute.

See Van'Yar's pedigree here.

Sire:                Coonity Sirius Shine a Light

Black smoke Van

See pedigree here.

Dam:               Coonity Hitchhike the Plane

Silver tabby with white, non-poly.

See pedigree here.

Van'Yar has had a hip xray, which has come back normal on both sides. He has also had a heart scan, which has come back normal. The result of his heart scan is showing on Pawpeds here. His DNA tests have also all come back as normal or negative.